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4 Alternatives to Apple Pay –

Last year, Apple captured the imagination of technology enthusiasts and credit card users alike when it introduced its Apple Pay mobile payments system. No longer would credit card users need to carry around a bulging wallet filled with myriad credit cards — their smartphones could simply be waived in front of a payment terminal. That payment process has a huge appeal to many consumers, but there are a few limitations. First, the system works only if you have an … [Read More...]


Award Travel 101: Jet-set for Less in 2015 – H&R Block

Have you ever heard of the people who earn enough frequent flier miles to travel the world in business class? Sometimes these people are frequent travelers who earn miles during the course of their job, but many are just regular people who earn miles through reward programs. While the possible discounts may seem too good to be true, companies encourage consumers to take advantage of awards programs and become travel aficionados – so what are you waiting for? Read … [Read More...]


5 Credit Cards for Cruise Lovers –

You can have a whirlwind vacation without having to move from hotel to hotel. In fact, on a cruise your hotel room moves along with you. But besides having a more hassle-free vibe, there are many rewards credit cards that offer cruisers ways … [Read More...]